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Bahrain Attractions

Welcome to Bahrain Attractions page, here on this page you will see list of different things to do in Bahrain and find out more about Bahrain History, Culture, landmarks , Island and Beaches.


  • Al Fateh Mosque (Grand Mosque)

    • Contact :+973 1772 7773
    • Location :Marina Cornish
    • Entry Fee :Free
    • Timings :08.00 - 14.00 Sat - Wed

    Bahrains Grande Mosque is set against a back drop of palm trees and the sea. Its exquisite architecture, crowned by the worlds most largest fibre glass dome. Non muslims are welcome to visit the mosque, it is important to dress appropriately.
  • Bab Al Bahrain

    • Location :Manama
    • Entry Fee :Free
    • Timings :09.00 - 17.00Anytim

    Ban Al Barain, quite literally means, the door way to Barain. The tourist information office is located on the ground floor along with handicrafts shop. Bab Al Bahrain is also the entrance to the Souk (market).
  • Camel Farm

    • Location :Janabiya
    • Entry Fee :Free
    • Timings :Anytime

    The Camel farm is situated in Janabiya, take a camera and pose with the camels, take a ride or just watch the hundred or so camels as they race for their evening feed. Don't be afraid, they are usually quite friendly!!!!!
  • Desert Camp

    • Location :Sakhir
    • Timings :Anytime

    The Desert Camp is situated in the Sakhir. The different sized tents accommodate over 300 campers. All tourist facilities are provided. Local coffee shop, traditional bakery, artistic shows, camel riding, singing, dancing and much more...
  • Dhow Building

    • Location :Muharraq
    • Entry Fee :Free
    • Timings :Daytime

    This is one of the most ancient traditional crafts on the island. The crafts are made for fishing and pearling and passenger or cargo transport. Take a look the skilled Bahraini shipbuilders in the city of Muharraq, near the old sea port.
  • Heritage Festival

    • Location :Next to National Museum
    • Entry Fee :Free
    • Timings :Anytime

    The Heritage Festival Village is situated next to the National museum. If you get the chance to go you will see some of Bahraini's most talented craftsmen at work. Basket-weaving, pottery, handicrafts and much more.
  • King Fahad Causeway

    • Contact :+973 1731 1885
    • Location :King Fahad Causeway
    • Entry Fee :BD2 per Car
    • Timings :Anytime

    The King fahad Causeway is a 25-km long bridge, connecting Bahrain with Saudi Arabia. The tower shaped restaurants are designed so you can enjoy the beautiful view of the two countries. This is one of the modern tourist attractions in Bahrain.
  • Oil Well

    • Location :Jebel Dukhan
    • Entry Fee :Free
    • Timings :Anytime

    Well over half of the world’s petroleum reserves are located in the Middle East, Bahrain was the first country in the gulf where oil was struck in 1932. This is the famous & aptly named - "Oil Well No. 1". It is located next to the Oil Museum.
  • Wind Towers

    • Location :Manama / Muharraq
    • Entry Fee :Free
    • Timings :Anytime

    A traditional method of air conditioning in the days before electricity. The Wind Towers can still be seen on many houses in Manama & Muharraq. Open on all 4 sides, they catch wind & send it into the rooms, giving a cooling effect.
  • Little Princess

Mums in Bahrain