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Bahrain Attractions

Welcome to Bahrain Attractions page, here on this page you will see list of different things to do in Bahrain and find out more about Bahrain History, Culture, landmarks , Island and Beaches.

  • The Tree of Life

    • Location :Jebal Dukhan
    • Entry Fee :Free
    • Timings :Daytime

    The Tree of Life is appox 400yrs old, and comes from the Acacia family, which usually have a life expectancy of less then 100yrs. It is a mystery how the tree has survived in the middle of the desert without any know water source.
  • Bait Al Jasra

    • Contact :+973 1761 1454
    • Location :Al Jasra
    • Entry Fee :200 Fills
    • Timings :08.00 - 18.00

    Constructed by Shaikh Hamed bin Abdulla Al-Khalifa in 1907 and later taken by Shaikh Salman bin Hamed Al-Khalifa Ruler of Bahrain from 1942 to 1961. Traditional Bahraini architecture, several rooms all traditionally furnished.
  • Shaikh Isa Bin Ali House

    • Contact :+973 1733 4945
    • Location :Muharraq
    • Entry Fee :200 Fills
    • Timings :08.00 - 14.00

    This was once the home of the Amir`s great-grandfather, Shaikh Isa Bin Ali Al khalifa . A fine example of local architecture, complete with wind tower, wall carving and lattice work, and its representative of traditional 19th century life.
  • Siyadi House

    • Location :Muharraq
    • Timings :16.00 - 18.00 Thursdays

    Built by the pearl-merchant Ahmed Bin Qassem Siyadi and has many fine features including ornate ceilings, stained-glass windows, carved screens and a large safe set into the wall of a small, upper reception room.
  • Tulip Inn Hawar Beach

    Cocooned in the lap of the largest of Hawar Islands and away from the city's din, the Tulip Inn Hawar Beach offers you the rare luxury of being one with nature.
  • Al Bander

    Al Bander has enormous and impressive recreation/leisure facilities for everyone to enjoy. Splash away in the cool blue pool. Pamper your palate at their finest restaurants. Experience the facilities at their health club.
  • Ritz Carlton Beach

    600 meters of secluded white sandy beach on a unique private island. Panoramic ocean views prevail at this luxury beachfront retreat overlooking the Arabian Gulf and tucked into lush greenery.
  • Al Dar Islands

    For over 20 years the islands were visited only by a few private boats for their leisure. Today, it has been made possible for anyone to have the experience of an exotic island get-away and yet take it easy on their leisure budget.
  • Bahrain Equestrian & Endurance

    Horse Sports, racing, show jumping and long distance endurance riding are extremely popular in Bahrain. The grand stand has the capacity for 15,000 spectators. The annual racing calendar is from early October to the end of April.
  • Bahrain International Circuit

    Accommodates up to 70.000 spectators, its main grandstand holds 15.000 spectators, plus a multi-purpose second pit building with lounges & a grandstand for 6,000 spectators. It has a media Centre with seating for 500 journalists.


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