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Following is a list of health facilities


  • The Home Health Care Centre (HHCC)

    The Home Health Care Centre is aimed at providing nursing, supportive and allied health services for people who require it at their own homes. It is an innovative and a first of its kind health facility in the Kingdom of Bahrain that aids patients in their own domestic environment without the trouble of searching or waiting for such assistance .
  • Bahrain Wellness Centre

    BAHRAIN WELLNESS RESORT is Gulf's 1st and largest Centre for Internationally accepted Alternative Medicine Systems like Ayurveda, Naturopathy & Yoga and is located on 50,000 sq.mtrs. of lush green garden, far from the maddening crowds, in the fertile land of Janabiya. The resort is a short drive away from Manama, and is easily accessible from the Saudi Causeway.
  • Farrell German Skin Care Centre

    The first German Skin Care centre for women&men in middle east. Only natural treatment,reduction of wrinkles, scars, pigmented, large pores and strectch marks, treatment by acne, acne scars and sun demaged skin, cellulite and lymphatic treatments, Body forming, anti aging programms and more...
  • Joslin Diabetes Center

    Gulf Diabetes Specialist Center is the region's first medical center devoted entirely to the treatment of diabetes and related complications. This Center is the First formal international affiliate of Joslin Diabetes Center, a 100 year old institution affiliated to the Harvard Medical School in Boston, USA. The center is located in Manama next to the Salmaniya Medical Complex and Arabian Gulf University.The Gulf Diabetes Specialist Center is an outpatient medical center specifically designed to provide diabetes prevention programs as well as multidisciplinary education and treatment for people with diabetes and their families. The facilities run by specialists cover the full range of functions, from the management and treatment of adult and pediatric diabetes to metabolic disorders.

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